Welcome to Unbound Roots!

Whether you’re here to spread your roots by starting a garden, building a chicken coop, enjoying an entertaining story about the incredible history of the family farm, or you’re simply looking for ideas on how to get outside and get into natureUnbound Roots is here for you!

Roots: (noun) the part of a plant that provides support, water, and nourishment to a plant; the origin of something; or (verb) something that is deeply established.

Roots tangled, bound tightly together, and shaped into the exact shape the tiny pot the plant had been planted in months ago, have you ever observed this? Stunted growth, yellowing leaves, and wilting leaves and stems are all signs of root-bound plants. Roots need to spread and grow in order to support and nourish plants. Living outside in the soil is the best environment for plants to achieve these things. What if I told you that humans can become root-bound too? Stick with me here.

Kids spend seven or more hours away from home learning inside of classrooms. Many adults spend eight or more hours working in jobs that are typically indoors only to come home and head off to their child’s organized after-school activities. No room here to let roots grow and spread. Imagine something with me:

A little girl is outside playing with her soccer ball and notices an ant crawling under a large stone. The girl proceeds to gently roll the stone away only to discover hundreds of trails leading to different rooms. She observes thousands of ants scurrying for cover, some carrying strange white things that were piled up in some of the rooms, as her eyes widen with wonder. The girl gently rolls the stone back into place and runs in to tell her parents about her observation, and to ask loads of questions. Roots spreading and growing.


After watching a news special about the amount of pesticides used on certain types of produce, a gentleman decides to turn an 8-foot by 10-foot section of his backyard into a vegetable garden. He spends the winter researching vegetable garden designs, soil amendment, seeding, and planting. When spring finally arrives, the man is busy preparing the land, planting seeds, and weeding. The man is feeling great as he experiences more exercise than he’s had in years and more time outside than he’s had in a long time. Best of all, when his grandchildren visit they love to go out into the garden to see how the plants are changing, to see the small vegetables taking shape, and to help their grandfather with weeding.

Later in the growing season, the grandchildren come again and are overwhelmed with excitement when their grandfather hands them a bowl to help harvest some of the vegetables. Since they have been involved with the growing and harvesting of the vegetables, the grandchildren are excited to try the produce they have worked so hard on. They bite into the fresh green beans and juicy tomatoes, and laughter ensues as they are pleasantly surprised with the intense flavors of the homegrown vegetables. Grandfather smiles with a twinkle in his eye as he enjoys his vegetables too. Roots spreading and growing.

Human roots can grow and spread if we take the time to be outside, use space to explore, choose to spend time with loved ones, and learn to play again. My hope is that Unbound Roots will provide the tools necessary for your roots to spread and grow. Whether it’s in the gardens, in the great outdoors, or by motivating you to research your own  family history by reading about the incredible history of the family farm, we can help you achieve Unbound Roots.

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