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Whether you’re here to spread your roots by starting a garden, building a chicken coop, learning a little something about grounding, looking for ideas on how to get outside and get into nature, or want an entertaining story about the family farmUnbound Roots is here for you!

What’s in the name?

Unbound: (adjective) not tied or confined

Roots: (noun) the part of a plant that provides support, water, and nourishment to a plant; the origin of something; or (verb) something that is deeply established.

Have you lifted a plant out of its pot just to observe a mass of tightly bound roots? Root-bound plants can result in stunted growth, yellowing leaves, and wilted foliage. Roots need to spread and grow in order to support and nourish the plant. What if I told you that humans can become root-bound too?

Children spend six hours per day inside of classrooms. Many adults spend eight or more hours working in jobs that are typically indoors. No room to let roots grow and spread.

Imagine this with me:

Upon retirement, a gentleman decides to turn an 8 x 10′ section of his backyard into a vegetable garden. He spends the winter researching vegetable garden design, soil amendment, seeding, and planting. When spring arrives, the man prepares the land, plants seeds, waters the plants, and weeds his new garden when needed. The man is feeling great as he experiences more outdoor activity than he’s had in years. Best of all, when his grandchildren visit they run to the garden to see the growing plants, the vegetables taking shape, and to help in any way.

Later in the growing season, the grandchildren come again and are overwhelmed with excitement when their grandfather hands them a basket to help harvest the vegetables. Eyes grow wide and laughter ensues as the family bites into the fresh green beans and juicy tomatoes – the intense flavors of the homegrown vegetables pleasantly surprises everyone. Grandfather smiles as he watches his grandchildren enjoy the delicious produce they all grew together. Roots spreading and growing.

Human roots can grow and spread if we take the time to get outside, spend time with loved ones, enjoy our passions, and learn to play again. My hope is that Unbound Roots will inspire you to grow your own roots in new ways. Thank you for visiting Unbound Roots.

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