To: Dad

“I love him.” My son replied after I asked him what came to mind when I said “Grandpa Peterson”. “I do too, buddy.” Last November I wrote about my desire to write about two very important people in my life – my mother and my father. I wrote a post about my mother on her […]

The Downfall of Youth Sports – Part 2: The Effects of Not Keeping Score

Losing doesn’t make me want to quit, it makes me want to FIGHT that much HARDER.   –Bear Bryant, former football coach at University of Alabama   Continuation of the phone conversation with a leader in our city’s soccer club (see the first part of our conversation in Part 1 of this series: Overuse of Individual […]

The Downfall of Youth Sports – Part 1: Overuse of Individual Skill Training in Team Sports

“One-hundred percent of the focus in youth sports should be on individual skill development!” exclaimed a leader in our city’s soccer club. “I completely disagree with you. How can you concentrate solely on individual skills when you are introducing the game of soccer – a team sport?” I replied. “I can guarantee you that the […]

The Fall Garden

Fall in Minnesota is known for warm days, cool nights, changing leaves that color the landscape with golds, oranges, reds, and greens, trips to local apple orchards, crackling bonfires, comfortable hoodies and jeans, and mugs of hot apple cider. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? It is, but this time period goes by so quickly. Within a […]

Liebster Award: From One Blogger to Another

  Thank you, Orla, for nominating me for the Liebster Award! Six months ago, I embarked on a new journey. A journey that I knew I would take at one point in my life, but wasn’t quite sure when. My life had been busy with growing up, going to college, finding a teaching job, getting […]

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