The Downfall of Youth Sports – Part 3: The Effects of Sport Specialization

An email from our local soccer club that went out to all under 8yr. and under 9yr. families: I’m writing today to discuss the U9 (birthyear 2009) playing options this winter and for this coming spring/summer league. Our Rec soccer program will only offer U9 soccer through July 2018. After that, Rec soccer will only […]

Christmas Memories: A Doll For Grandma

Porcelain-white skin, lips tinted rose, eyes painted with exquisite detail. What would her hair look like? Long blonde locks that brush her ankles, two auburn-colored braids that playfully hang down from each side of her ball cap, or raven-black ringlets that delicately frame her face – I could only guess. Most outfits were fancy gowns […]

The Downfall of Youth Sports – Part 2: The Effects of Not Keeping Score

Losing doesn’t make me want to quit, it makes me want to FIGHT that much HARDER.   –Bear Bryant, former football coach at University of Alabama   Continuation of the phone conversation with a leader in our city’s soccer club (see the first part of our conversation in Part 1 of this series: Overuse of Individual […]

The Downfall of Youth Sports – Part 1: Overuse of Individual Skill Training in Team Sports

“One-hundred percent of the focus in youth sports should be on individual skill development!” exclaimed a leader in our city’s soccer club. “I completely disagree with you. How can you concentrate solely on individual skills when you are introducing the game of soccer – a team sport?” I replied. “I can guarantee you that the […]

The Downfall of Youth Sports

“We all need to think more deeply about the insanity of our youth sports culture, with its focus on early specialization in one sport, and, especially its seasons without end.” -Michael Sokolove, author of Warrior Girls “Do you know the girl’s youth traveling basketball coordinator?” asked the Director of Youth Recreation & Middle School Sports in our city. […]

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