Sweet Clover, Summer Memories, and a Wildflower Bouquet

As the kids and I took a walk down our road to the lake, the intoxicating smell of sweet clover, vanilla mixed with fresh-cut hay, permeated the air. Late June in Minnesota is when the summer wildflowers awaken and adorn the sides of the roads, prairies, and edges of our 10,000+ lakes. On this particular […]

Heartache in the Chicken Run

Last night the kids went outside with their flashlight after dark to look for night crawlers since it had rained earlier in the day. They collect night crawlers throughout the summer so they can use them for fishing. While the kids were out, they went back to check on the chickens and the chicks (we […]

Birding: Let a Child Guide You

Have you ever been on a walk with a child and noted that they find coins on the ground quite often (coins that you passed right by without seeing), or that children can easily spot a bird far off in the distance, or that they notice a line of ants marching across the path carrying […]

Growing Sweet Potatoes in Cooler Climates

Boiled sweet potatoes mixed until smooth and baked with a delicious topping of brown sugar, cinnamon, and oats, –or– fresh sweet potatoes cubed and roasted with just a bit of olive oil and sea salt. Oh my goodness, fresh sweet potatoes are a treat! My whole family looks forward to harvesting¬†and devouring the delicious root […]

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